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Defining Paradigm

We've all heard the word 'Paradigm' but what exactly does it mean?

Our friends at the Oxford Dictionary break it into three types:

-Typical A typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model.

-Scientific A world view underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject.

-Linguistic A set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles.


The Paradigm Effect defines Paradigm in a different sense from all three of these definitions - We look at the 'individual'

A Paradigm is our perceptions of not just ourselves but also the world.

Perceptions are incredibly powerful, when was the last time you became fully aware of how you perceive yourself and the world - this is your Paradigm.

Paradigm Shift

Next comes the 'shift'. Once we realise our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us this is where the change happens.

We experience higher levels of self-awareness and we discover whether our perceptions match with who we are and what legacy we wish to leave. The way I see myself is not my truth, the way I see the world is limiting my view.

These are the types of realisations that become the catalyst of change. You can then move forward by shifting your perceptions to align you with your VABEs.

A shift can change the whole course of your life.

The Paradigm Effect

The Paradigm Effect is the effect realised after the shift. It is the beginning of a journey of self-acceptance, self-awareness, growth and change.

The effect enables you to create genuine content that gives life to a brand that is authentically and uniquely your own.

There is no one else who can live your Paradigm or Create Your Narrative, this is something only you can do.

The Paradigm Effect's mission is to create authentic brands through shifting paradigms and bringing narratives to life.

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Matija Squire

Matija Squire is the Founder of The Paradigm Effect and a well known LinkedIn Personality. Matija grew her following to around 15k with combined views of over 1 million in less than a year. Matija coaches others on how to create and utilise a personal brand to generate leads and gain greater opportunities.

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